The future is flexible.

The CCM Smart Desk is an innovative, height-adjustable workstation.

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This versatile, height-adjustable desk can help improve your posture whilst promoting movement and flexibility in your home-working life. The CCM Smart Desk is an innovative workstation which adjusts from sitting to standing positions with one touch. The easy-to-clean, tempered glass table top contains a wireless charging station for your smartphone as well as USB ports built into the tabletop frame. The CCM Smart Desk comes with a two-year guarantee for complete peace-of-mind.

Level up your home office with the CCM Smart Desk.

Discover the health benefits.

Standing desks enable improved posture and circulation, reduce weight gain and have been shown to increase productivity and boost energy levels at work. Say goodbye to those aches and pains which come with sitting at a conventional desk. The CCM Smart Desk is fully adjustable for the perfect standing and sitting positions, with stored memory settings allowing you to automatically select and save four tailored positions to suit your working day. 

Stylish & spacious.

Smarten up your workspace with our stylish standing desks, which offer a contemporary finish in two neutral colours: white or black. The table top is made from heat-resistant, easy-to-clean tempered glass, allowing you to scribble those all important notes on the desk with a whiteboard pen.

The future of home-working.

Built-in touch screen buttons allow you to effortlessly control the desk’s height adjustment feature. Three USB charging ports allow a clearer workspace while wireless charging allows you to conveniently charge your smartphone. The desk also boasts a dual motor control for stable and rapid lifting.


Since using a standup desk in my home office, I've noticed a big difference to my posture and my productivity. Within hours I noticed less stiffness across my shoulders and back.

Claire, 34

I love this desk, it even allows wireless charging on the tabletop. The height-adjustable function has completely transformed how I work but also, how I feel at work day-to-day"

Paul, 29

I am much more productive and energised throughout the day because I am constantly moving and much engaged in virtual meetings. Standing allows me to be more expressive by having greater freedom for movement."

James, 24

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