3 ways a standing desk can boost your health and productivity

Katie Anderson

By Katie Anderson

Office work can be mentally tiring, and after a hard day at work you may have been guilty of saying how rushed off your feet you’ve been. But in reality, have you physically moved about all that much?

It will come as no surprise that sitting down all day really isn’t good for your health, yet it’s something office workers do almost every day. The truth is, sitting down at work all day can increase your chances of diabetes and heart disease (Source: PubMed Central). Shocking, right?

As we all adapt to a new way of working, especially as many more of us now work from home, it is crucial to invest in your health and home office equipment. The simple solution? A standing desk.

What is a standing desk?

Standing Desk


A standing desk, also known as a height adjustable desk or stand up desk, is an office furniture solution for those wanting to improve health and productivity as an alternative to a seated desk.

A standing desk does not require a seat, and can adjust perfectly to your height so that you can stand whilst working on your laptop or computer.

What are the benefits of a standing desk?

Benefits of a standing desk include good posture, reduction in health problems, increased energy levels and even mood boosting. Take a look at 3 ways a standing desk can help boost your health and productivity below.

1. Improved health

The health benefits of a standing desk far surpass those of a seated desk. If you stand up to work vs sitting, you can not only reduce weight gain and the risk of obesity by burning calories (yes that’s right, standing up burns calories), but you can actually lower your risk of heart disease too. Studies taken by PubMed Central have shown that sedentary time is linked to an increased risk of diabetes.

Not only can standing to work avoid a whole lot of health problems down the line, but it can also positively impact your posture and aches and pains. More on that below!

Working from home

2. Reduction in back ache and improved posture

If you’re working from home, you may be missing out on those regular office distractions that get you up and about. When working from home, it is easy to find yourself glued to your laptop and your seat with minimal breaks, but this isn’t healthy or sustainable. Not getting up regularly enough will undoubtedly lead to some aches and pains in your lower back.

So many WFHers (people working from home) do not have the appropriate office set ups to help with posture. Sitting on a bar stool at your kitchen worktop may feel relatively comfy, but the positioning is not doing your back, and sometimes your neck, any favours. The way you sit and curve your spine can put stress on muscles, ligaments, discs and tissue (Source: Providence). 

Simply using a standing desk can help avoid these issues and relieve built up tensions in your muscles.

3. Increased energy levels

With workplace wellness becoming ever popular, we want and need our working environments to be a place where we feel energised, so we can consequently be productive at work. Standing up to work can improve your energy levels, reducing fatigue and allowing you to be more engaged on calls and in meetings.

Some sedentary behaviours have even been linked to adverse mental health, showing links to increased anxiety and depression (Source: PubMed Central). Standing up to work can boost your energy levels, especially as you can use this time as an excuse to get those feet moving about a bit. Move around and enjoy those endorphins!

So if productivity is hitting a slump, your neck and lower back is starting to ache and you’re concerned about the health repercussions of sitting all day, it may just be the perfect time to start thinking about investing in a standing desk.

My Smart Desk features

CCM Smart Desk


My Smart Desk offers not only a solution for healthy and productive working, but as the name implies, there are a whole lot of fantastic technological features that come with our state of the art standing desks. We’ll briefly summarise these features for you:

  • Height-adjustable desk settings with four options for you to set your perfect height variations.
  • Modern design with a touch screen, easy-to-clean, tempered glass table top with the ability to write notes directly on the surface with a whiteboard marker.
  • Comes in two colour finishes, white and black, with a sleek concealed storage drawer. 
  • Three USB charging ports are built into the desktop, while an inbuilt charger allows convenient desktop wireless charging.

Looking for a healthier and more productive home working solution? View our standing desks here, or contact a member of our team for more information.