5 practical daily standing exercises to do whilst working

Katie Anderson

By Katie Anderson




Getting up off your chair when working can help bring better focus, improved health and raise energy levels. A standing desk is a great solution for office workers who want to improve posture, beat the back ache and avoid long term health problems. Our recent blog, 3 ways a standing desk can boost your health and productivity, explores why you should be investing in your workspace with a standing desk.


Standing Desk


The My Smart Desk is a height-adjustable desk with a dual motor control for stable and rapid lifting. The desk includes four memory height settings so that you can automatically set your preferred height to suit variations in your working day.

So, you’ve invested in a My Smart Desk and you’re all set up, excited and ready to start enjoying this new and flexible way of working. Here are five practical daily standing exercises you can enjoy effortlessly whilst bossing your day job.



1. Twist and tap
Whilst standing, keep your feet firm to the ground and rotate your torso slightly, tap your right hand to the left hand side of the desk, and tap your left hand to the right hand side of the desk… And repeat! This simple exercise is perfect to ease any tension in your spine and neck, two areas which are commonly affected by sitting down for long periods of time.

2. Heel lifts
Simply lift your heels from the ground and stand on your tiptoes, and repeat. Keep a straight posture and engage your tummy muscles whilst lifting the heels up and down for a bonus ab workout. You should feel that you are working the backs of your legs here. Heel lifts are a simple exercise which won’t interfere with any physical work you need to be doing on your computer or laptop.



3. Shoulder rolls and breathing exercises
If you get the chance to take a couple of minutes to yourself, it’s worth mentally stepping away from work to regain those all important concentration levels. Close your eyes, put your arms by your side with your palms facing forward and breathe in, and breathe out. Breathe in, and breathe out. Inhale, and exhale. Then take some time to slowly roll your shoulders backwards and round in a circle motion. Raise your shoulders up with your arms still down and palms now facing your body or with fists clenched, and roll your shoulders up, back and around. Repeat. You can do this all with your eyes closed to really just enjoy those few moments to yourself in peace and quiet.

4.  Stretches
If you are feeling stiff and need to limber up, some simple stretching exercises will help release tensions in your body. Stand at a 90 degree angle to your desk, pop one hand on your desk for balance and use the other arm to lean over in a stretch position, feeling the stretch up your ribs. To add some breathing techniques to this, breathe in as you stretch towards your desk, and take a long breath out as you release the stretch away from your desk. Repeat on both sides.

5. Glute exercises

This last exercise will help loosen up your knees and work those glutes. Raise one leg slightly off the floor with toes pointing to the ground, feel the stretch in your leg before bringing your heel towards your bum, then push your leg back out, and slowly drop it to the floor. It shouldn’t take long until you start feeling this exercise really working your glutes. Try 10 on each side and challenge yourself to hold your foot off the ground for longer each time. 

Haven’t invested in a standing desk yet? Look no further than My Smart Desks, or contact a member of our team for more information.