5 ways to level up your home office

Chloe Steele

By Chloe Steele

The working world has evolved rapidly over the past decade due to multiple factors, including changes in the nature and flexibility of work, advancements in technology, a change in workplace culture, the cost of maintaining office spaces, the drive to improve employee productivity and so much more. 

The last year has highlighted the need for even more change, with the working environment changing forever. Working from home was only ever expected to be a temporary situation for many, however, it is apparent that remote, flexible working is here to stay. 

So, what does this mean for your home office? Working from your bed, dining table or your sofa isn’t healthy, nor is it viable long-term. A working professional spends around eight hours a day in their workspace, so not only does it need to be an area that inspires creativity and productivity, but a space that won’t be detrimental to a person's health or energy levels.

Looking for easy ways to level up your home office? We have listed five things to consider when creating a home office space that offers flexibility, productivity and longevity. 

1. Stand smart, stay healthier and work better

It is a given that sitting down all day isn’t good for your health, posture or productivity. Research by PubMed Central identified that sitting down to work all day can increase your chances of diabetes and heart disease, as well as directly impacting a person’s ability to focus. 

It is all about balance, and finding the right balance can be hard when your only option is to sit at the same desk for eight hours each day. As the world adapts to new ways of working, and with the increase of remote working, it is crucial to invest in your health, your happiness and home office equipment. So, what is the first and most simple solution to creating a smarter and healthier working environment? Consider a standing desk.

Did you know that the My Smart Desk adjusts from sitting to standing desk positions to suit your own personal preference with just one touch? The built-in memory setting allows you to create and store a tailored position to suit each working day.

CCM Smart Desk

2.Tidy space, tidy mind

If the space you’re working in is messy or cramped, it is inevitable that your creativity and productivity levels will be impacted. You wouldn’t leave your office space looking untidy and it is important to carry this through into your own home working space too. Spend five minutes every morning (or evening) to remove any unnecessary clutter.

Our choice of smart, height adjustable desks do not only offer a modern design and touch screen capabilities, but storage space too, meaning you won’t need to invest in extra shelves or drawers for your everyday essential home office items. Win win, right? 

3. Location is key

Finding the perfect spot in your home is paramount. It is important to distinguish between your work area, your personal space and a space for leisure too. The last thing you want is to read your book, do a home workout or watch your favourite Netflix series in the space you’re working. If this is the case, you’ll find that you might start to resent the space you’re working in for eight hours a day. The space you choose to work in should offer a space to get creative but also provide a sense of privacy too. Having a dedicated space where there will be minimal distractions will help achieve a productive working environment. 

4. Personalise your space 

Your home office space is your opportunity to create a space that inspires and brings out the best of you. It is an area that you’re probably going to spend a lot of time each week, so make sure you create a space you look forward to entering each day. This could be down to simple things such as a splash of colour, incorporating photos, plants, desk accessories and so much more! 

The My Smart Desk is the perfect addition to your home office space. The option to choose from two modern colours, black and white, means this stand up, adjustable desk will fit perfectly with most colour themes. The option to charge via USB port or wireless bluetooth also means you have the capability to charge your many tablets or smartphone devices, while you listen to your favourite playlist or radio station. The perfect solution for creating a workspace that is personal to you.

5. Let there be light 

Natural light is preferable and usually an easy solution, but where your space doesn’t allow a lot of natural light in, investing in the right lighting is crucial for your focus. The right lighting levels and layers will also ensure you avoid headaches or eye strain at the end of an incredibly busy working day. 

Lick, a home design company shares their successes to home office light schemes through the art of layering. Combine directional task lighting such as a desk lamp to keep you focussed with softer, ambient lighting in the background through floor and ceiling lights. 

Looking for ways to transform your home office today? View our standing desks here, or contact a member of our team for more information.