Everything you need to know about My Smart Desk

Jordan Lench

By Jordan Lench

We know that you don’t just care about the products you buy, you want to know you’re supporting companies that share the same vision and values as you. That’s why we thought now would be the perfect time to let you know more about My Smart Desk and what the brand is all about.

So, what is My Smart Desk?

My Smart Desk is the newest company pioneering for better working lives for all. With flexible working being the phrase on everyone's lips over the past year or so, wellbeing and health are at the heart of working habits. With more freedom being given by employers, it’s the perfect time for workers to decide what they want from their working lives. Who says we need to be at work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day? That’s old news. 

Originally designed for the staff based at our head office in Nottinghamshire, we soon realised many others could benefit from our products and so was born our ergonomic office supplies brand, My Smart Desk.

My Smart Desk Black

What we’re NOT

  1. At My Smart Desk, we’re not showmen. We offer full transparency on everything we do and always keep our customers informed on any updates relating to their orders.
  2. We don’t sell what we don’t have faith in. We only offer products we enjoy and truly believe in. If we don’t love it, how can we expect you to?
  3. We don’t take ourselves too seriously here. We don’t pretend to be something we’re not. We don’t act like big corporate giants with a zero tolerance for fun. We’re all people and we love what we do, and when we enjoy our work, we believe that shines through.

Doing our bit to protect the planet 

We do everything possible to give back where we can. We care about the effects our business has on the environment, and we want to reduce that as much as possible. That’s why we’ve been working in partnership with Ecologi and CCM Group to become a Climate Positive Workforce. As a result, we’re able to plant thousands of trees in our very own forest, offsetting the carbon footprint of all our employees in both their work and personal lives.

On top of this, we have a dedicated Green Team who are tasked with continually reviewing our environmental impact. One of the initiatives that has been implemented by the Green Team is our company electric car scheme, enabling all employees to get involved and further improve their impact on the planet.

We’re more than just our words, we take action. 

Supporting the wellbeing of our local community

Our local community and their wellbeing is important to us. At the beginning of 2021, we named Nottinghamshire Mind as our Charity of the Year. This means that all the fundraising and charity events we participate in throughout the year will go towards helping the important work done by Nottinghamshire Mind, raising awareness of and supporting those with mental health issues in our local area.

A team of dedicated individuals 

We hire the best. We employ the most dedicated people who share our brand values and our vision. Our small team has big ambitions and we all work together to develop the very best products possible for our customers.

So that’s My Smart Desk in a nutshell, a team of highly motivated individuals, dedicated to offering you the very best products we can to enable you to work smarter and healthier. To find out more about our individual products, check out our collections.