Tackling pregnancy back pain when working from home

Katie Anderson

By Katie Anderson

Being pregnant and working from home may seem like a great combination: no hiding your sickness from your colleagues in the office in those early days, and being able to hit the sack the minute you finish work because you’re absolutely shattered.

However, my main early pregnancy symptom was lower back pain. I was fortunate to not experience much morning sickness like most in the first trimester, but the pain I had in my coccyx started very early on. It was becoming more and more of an issue as I was working from home with a poor workstation setup, which at the time consisted of me sitting on a hard bar stool at a breakfast bar in our kitchen. Most pregnant women experience lower back pain in their third trimester, but if it starts for you as early as it did for me, it’s worth tackling the pain and finding a solution early on.


Working From Home Pregnant


So, what was the secret remedy for easing this pain? Standing up to work!

I work at My Smart Desk, and as you can imagine our company is a big advocate of all things health and wellbeing in the workplace, heavily encouraging stand up working due to the numerous health benefits. Within just a few days of standing to work, I could already feel a considerable relief of pain from my lower back, and now almost in my third trimester, I still stand every single day to work when I’m at home. Not only is my pain relieved, but my productivity levels are constantly high too, allowing me to be fully engaged in both meetings and my day to day work.

If standing all day isn’t for you, then of course there are seated solutions. You should be using an ergonomic chair to make sure you have the utmost comfort and support for your back if you plan to be seated the majority of the day, and this is what I use when I’m working from the office. Our smart desks are height-adjustable, enabling you to move the desk from sitting to standing positions with one touch. There are also stored memory settings built into the desks, meaning you can set your desk to the perfect height to suit you when standing or sitting.


If you’re struggling with pregnancy back pain whilst working from home, it may be time for you to consider investing in a smart desk!