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We are CCM Smart Desks. We support a more flexible future.

Co-Founder Trent


Customer Operations Executive Jessica

Customer Operations Executive

Product Manager Holly

Product Manager

Head of Operations Shaun

Head of Operations

Commercial Operations Manager Meg

Commercial Operations Manager

Group Marketing Manager Katie

Group Marketing Manager

CCM Smart Desk is part of the CCM Group, a people-focused set of companies with clear divisions centred on innovation and excellence situated at the heart of the country.

CCM Group’s business-to-consumer division is built on agile principles; developing brands that are capable of reacting fast to unpredictable market changes. It puts the customer experience at the heart of the strategy, with the end result being an exceptional online consumer experience.

With 25 years of experience in offering services and expertise to businesses, our passion is to bring this depth of knowledge to the consumer. As we grow and adapt to new markets, we’re developing solutions and innovations inclusive to all. The entire group operates from our Nottinghamshire-based office and warehouse, where we pick, pack and post all our products from.

With the introduction of remote and more flexible working options over the past year, and an increased awareness of wellbeing, more and more of us have had to adapt our work spaces - whether that is at home, in the office or a hybrid approach. Standing desks have multiple health and productivity benefits and are becoming a popular choice for working professionals across the country. Originally designed for the staff based at our Head Office in Nottinghamshire, we soon realised many others would benefit from CCM’s smart, standing desks too.

Our friendly, dedicated Customer Service team are on hand to support and help you with any advice you need. For added peace of mind, all of our products are fully certified and come with a product guarantee.