All desks from My Smart Desk are eligible for a 12-month extended warranty (from the date of delivery) against original defects in materials and workmanship. Proof of purchase must be provided to progress any warranty claim. Continue reading to understand what is covered within this warranty and what to do if you make a claim. To activate your warranty, please fill out the registration form below.

Please note: This warranty is only available to the original purchasing customer and cannot be transferred if gifted or resold etc.


What is covered by the My Smart Desk warranty?

My Smart Desk offers a 12-month warranty that covers any original defective components such as the motor, control panel, wireless charger and USB ports. You must fill out the form below to activate your warranty.

The extended My Smart Desk warranty only applies to the smart desks and does not cover any of our other electrical goods or accessories.

Please be aware, any damages caused by improper installation or misuse will not be covered by this warranty. In the case of a fire, flooding, accident, robbery or any natural disasters that might cause damage to the desk are not covered by this warranty. If the desk was purchased from mysmartdesk.co.uk you are covered, provided you can supply proof of purchase. Second-hand desks or those bought outside of mysmartdesk.co.uk are not covered and cannot be added to your warranty plan.

Unauthorised repairs undertaken by a third party or the user will invalidate the warranty. Normal wear and tear is not covered.


Making a claim

Should any claim meet the conditions of the warranty cover, the customer will cover the cost of returning the desk to our UK fulfilment centre. Upon successful arrival of the item and the warranty claim being certified, we will work to repair any fault to ensure the desk is returned to full functionality. If the My Smart Desk desk is not repairable, the customer may be offered a replacement desk at no additional cost.

Please note: At My Smart Desk, we continually work on improving and developing our product range, including our hero product, My Smart Desk. As a result, the model you purchased may be discontinued within the warranty coverage period. In this case, we will replace your desk with the latest, similar product.

What about claims outside of the warranty?

If a claim is made outside of the 12 month warranty period, all shipping will be the responsibility of the customer and all parts or repairs will be chargeable. Should the desk be nonrepairable or the model no longer stocked by My Smart Desk, we reserve the right to offer a part exchange for a different model desk from our range. This part exchange will be at the discretion of My Smart Desk and proof of purchase from mysmartdesk.co.uk must be supplied.

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